OpenCV Image Processor

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Posted by Ampus on February 20, 2017

Using opencv sometimes seems very confusing for starters, how to apply any transformation or function on image and what will be the output, these all terms seems pretty ambitious.
So I have thought to make one closed platform where you can see functions on the fly.

How to use it

Just download the code from this link and run on your linux/unix system as script. eg. ./

Options on the Software

  1. Next: This option will next the images in the same directory from where the current image is selected
  2. Undo: This will undo the changes made on image
  3. Open: This option will open file-browser to select image, however you can also select image by "ctrl+o"
  4. Save: This option will save the image in output(will get created for the first time) folder.

Sample Screen Shots

You have to select one image after the window comes

1. Main Window

2. Gray Option:

3. Otsu Binarization

4. Hough Probabilistic Line Detection

There are many more such options, I will leave you to explore them.
...Thank for Reading :)